Ambit Retail Login

Security Recommendations

Avoid using public computers or public wireless access points for online banking and other activities involving sensitive information.

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through emails/calls/SMS, to capture your confidential information like Internet Banking ID/Password, mobile no, personal email ID/Password etc.

Never respond to emails/embedded links asking you to verify User IDs/Password

Always access Al Baraka Internet Banking through by clicking the internet banking button.

Do not trust sites with certificate warnings or errors.

Check and confirm your last login date and time whenever you log into internet Banking.

Always "sign out" or "log off" when finished. Simply closing the browser window may not actually end your session.

Please update your personal contact details on a timely basis and notify us if you are not receiving SMS and Email notifications regularly.

If you have received an SMS with an OTP/Temporary Password that you have not requested for, please do not act on it and contact us immediately via our 24/7 Al Baraka Phone Banking at 021-111-113-442